The general cargo vessel Sea Eagle, which was moored in İskenderun Port, started to list to starboard due to imbalance in the cargo weight distribution on 18 September. Efforts to stabilise the ship were unsuccessful and its sinking could not be prevented.

According to the Turkish General Directorate of Maritime Affairs, all crew members on board were evacuated and there was no loss of life or injury. 24 containers fell into the sea and there was a small amount of fuel leakage observed, but according tot General Directorate this is under control.

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Oil spill response

Barriers, booms and absorbent pads were placed at the time of the accident and cleaning was carried out. In addition, the fuel tanks carrying 63.5 tonnes of diesel oil were closed by divers and the oil and fuel leakage was stopped. A technical team appointed by the ship’s insurance company has started to empty the fuel tanks.

In addition, all containers that fell into the sea from the container ship have been salvaged. Watch a video of the ship starting to list as well as two extra pictures below.

Sea Eagle

The 4281-DWT Sea Eagle is a general cargo ship built in 1984. It sails under the flag of Togo. It measures 88.6 x 15.7 metres.

Pictures by the Turkish General Directorate of Maritime Affairs.

Sea Eagle
Sea Eagle