The Floating Storage Regassification Unit (FSRU) Golar Igloo arrived in the Eemshaven on Sunday, September 4, under the agency of Wagenborg. Golar Igloo was moored safely in the Wilhelminahaven.

In order to increase security of supply and become less dependent on Russian gas, a new floating LNG terminal at Eemshaven has been developed, which comprises of two FSRUs. Golar Igloo is the first of the two FSRUs to jointly form the new floating LNG terminal at Eemshaven called EemsEnergy Terminal.

The second FSRU – Eemshaven LNG – is expected to arrive in Eemshaven later today, again under agency of Wagenborg and assisted with Wagenborg tug boats. Wagenborg is proud to assist both floating installations by means of agency services and tug assistance.

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Tug assistance

The floating LNG facility received port assistance of multiple ASD tug boats including the Waterlines, Waterstraat and Waterstroom (see video below). Assisting the FSRU Golar Igloo marked the first towing job of the recently acquired 80-tonne bollard pull tug Waterlines for Wagenborg. This ASD tug was recently acquired in Turkey after which it sailed to the Netherlands.

With the addition of Waterlines, the Wagenborg tug fleet now comprises nine tugs to provide tug assistance to various vessels in the Ems region. This includes multipurpose vessels, RoRo vessels, offshore vessels and LNG tankers.

By the end of this week, the first LNG tanker is expected to arrive to supply the EemsEnergy Terminal with liquefied natural gas.

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