The 159-metre-long Cap San Diego is said to be the largest seaworthy museum ship in the world and resides in Hamburg, Germany. Learn more about what makes it special and what challenges come up running the ship in a video by the Hamburg Port Authority.

Also known as the “White Swan of the South Atlantic”, MS Cap San Diego sailed the South Atlantic between 1961 and 1988 transporting goods like coffee, cotton, cocoa, beef and clothing to Germany, after which the ship was “retired” and turned into a museum.

The vessel is maintained by 130 workers and volunteers, and is still seaworthy. Several times a year, the ship hosts up to 500 guests and embarks upon a journey along the Elbe.

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During the Covid pandemic, the ship was unable to sail, but sailing trips were started again this summer. The Cap San Diego sailed to Cuxhaven in July and this month it is making a long trip through the Kiel Canal to Kiel.

Learn more about the ship in the video by the Hamburg Port Authority below.

Picture from the Cap San Diego website.

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