Becker Marine Systems has delivered two prototype units of its LNG PowerPac to HHLA’s container terminal Burchardkai in Hamburg for 24-hour test runs. Together, the two units generate three megawatts of clean energy as shore power supply for ships in port.

The test runs of the mobile shore power solution will start on 20 June. The results of this 24-hour test and any following tests will be incorporated into the serial design of the LNG PowerPac. By using shore power created from liquid natural gas (LNG), ships do not need to use their diesel engines while in port. As LNG is a much cleaner fuel than conventional fuels, emissions in the port area can be reduced significantly.

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has been an important partner since the beginning of the project and has contributed funds for mobile, containerised solutions for shore power.

Becker Marine Systems

Becker Marine Systems delivers rudders and energy-saving manoeuvring technology solutions for any type of ship. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of alternative energy systems for the marine industry. Hybrid Port Energy was founded by Becker Marine Systems with the objective of supplying environmentally friendly maritime energy and is responsible for the development and sales activities of the LNG PowerPac.

Picture: Becker LNG PowerPac at HHLA’s container terminal Burchhardkai (CTB) in Hamburg.