Cadeler has contracted COSCO Heavy Industries for a state-of-the-art F-class jack-up foundation installation vessel to cater for the largest projects in the offshore industry. The contract value amounts to USD 345 million and it includes an option for an additional X or F-class vessel.

The new F-class vessel can be converted from installation of large foundations to installation of wind turbine generators within a short period of time. It will be the fifth vessel in the Cadeler fleet. With it, the company wants to target the growing segment of large-scale foundation installations and to offer a complete set of services within transport and installation of offshore wind farms.

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X and F-class vessels under construction

Cadeler is currently building two X-class vessels to be delivered by COSCO in H2/2024 and Q1/2025. The F-class vessel will be built on specifications similar to the two X-class vessels providing substantial scale benefits. All vessels are built at COSCO’s shipyard in Qidong in China.

The F-class vessel features a unique design, allowing the vessel to convert from being a foundation installation unit to a wind turbine generator (WTG) installation vessel within a short period of time. The new F-class is expected to be delivered in Q4/2025 and Cadeler is currently in discussion for an XL Monopile foundation installation contract in the North Sea, expected to commence in Q2/2026.

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With a deck space of 5600 m2, a payload of more than 17,600 tonnes and main crane capacity to be disclosed at a later date, the X- and F-class vessels are said to be unmatched within the industry. The vessels will be able to transport and install seven complete 15 MW turbine sets per load or five sets of 20+ MW turbines, cutting down the number of trips needed for each project. The F-class will be able to transport up to six XL monopiles (weight 2300-2600 mt each) per round-trip, which improves operational efficiency substantially.

The strategic partners for the large-scale new builds include GustoMSC NOV, Kongsberg, Huisman and MAN Energy.

Cadeler F-Class and X-Class particulars:

Main crane capacityLarger than X-class 2600 t @ 46 m
Hook height above deck Over 200 m Over 200 m
Variable load> 17,600 t> 17,600 t
Deck space5600 m25600 m2
Accommodation130 persons130 persons

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