The Port of Rotterdam has issued a market consultation with a view to the use of autonomous/remote controlled floating fire-fighting units. Should the information received confirm such vessels are a good option, it could lead to a tender procedure.

The Port of Rotterdam operates a fleet of patrol and incident response vessels that are deployed by the Harbour Master Division in day shifts, semi shifts and continuous shifts for the execution of management, inspection and incident response tasks. The fleet also includes hydrographic measuring vessels and the executive vessel.

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In the market consultation, the port asks market parties to provide information about the possibilities for autonomous/remote controlled floating fire-fighting units. Autonomous vessels would both reduce risk as people are kept out of the risk area and reduce costs as the requisite fire fighting capacity involves complex vessels, but is often only required to a limited extent.

Possible tender

During the consultation, the Port places focus on sailing characteristics, fire-fighting resources, the foam mixing system and equipment. The information obtained will be used to weigh up the options in terms of autonomous fire fighting in the follow up process. In addition, the Port of Rotterdam will use the market consultation to draw up an inventory of any interested market parties for a research study and/or tender procedure.

Interested parties can participate in the market consultation until 31 May via a dedicated portal.

Picture by Quistnix (Wikimedia Commons).

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