In December, the last Dutch propeller manufacturer Van Voorden was declared bankrupt after having been in operation for 110 years. In February, UTB Industry took over all the company’s assets, including the casting furnaces and moulds for the production of ship propellers, which will now be auctioned.

Five years ago after its first bankruptcy, the company was able to restart its business with a focus on high-quality industrial castings, but that was not an option this time. Due to declining demand from, among others, the shipbuilding sector, Van Voorden ran into difficulties again.

This resulted in the business finally coming to an end in December. Van Voorden was the last manufacturer of marine propellers in the Netherlands. At the time of the bankruptcy, the company employed around 40 people.

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UTB Industry has acquired all the company’s assets, which are now being auctioned by Troostwijk Auctions. The auction is currently open for bids. On Tuesday 26 April, the auction closes at 10:00 am.

Among the equipment auctioned are a total of six induction melting furnaces, a sand milling machine, and a shot blasting machine. In addition, company cars, lifting equipment, overhead cranes and reach trucks will go under the digital hammer.

Picture by Van Voorden.

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