Shipyard De Haas Rotterdam is expanding its activities at the former RDM site in the Port of Rotterdam. In addition to the site around the inlet harbour on RDM West, the shipyard will now also occupy part of the Scheepsbouwloods, the building hall behind the boat hoist.

At RDM Rotterdam, De Haas Rotterdam will be carrying out repair and maintenance work, particularly on commercial vessels and super yachts. It can drydock ships up to 80 metres in length and weighing up to 820 tonnes.

The company is part of De Haas Maassluis, a shipyard located at the Nieuwe Waterweg in Maassluis, the Netherlands. The Rotterdam location will officially be opened in May this year.

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Building hall and boat lift

De Haas Rotterdam is currently busy transforming the area around the harbour into a modern shipyard. A new 820-tonne Travelift boat lift is ready to drydock vessels via the harbour and transport them to the yard and the building hall.

The expansion of the yard fits in with the policy of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, owner of RDM Rotterdam, to offer relevant ship repair and maintenance facilities. It reinforces and complements the existing facilities within the RDM location and the Rotterdam Makers District.

The new space for De Haas Rotterdam in the Scheepsbouwloods will become available because Franklin Europe needs less business space. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is using this opportunity to redevelop the remaining vacant section of the building hall and prepare it for new tenants. After the redevelopment, the Scheepsbouwloods will be an attractive building for medium-sized and large companies from the maritime services and manufacturing industry.

Picture (top) by the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Artist impression by De Haas Rotterdam.