De Haas Rotterdam (DHR) is restarting its current shipyard at RDM West. In addition to the site around the (former) boat hoist, the nearby site of approximately 2 ha will also be put into use. A new 820-tonne Travelift will replace the old boat hoist to dry-dock and transport ships.

To this end, the shipyard has signed an issue agreement with the Port of Rotterdam Authority. DHR will open at the end of 2021. The expansion of the shipyard is in line with the Port Authority’s policy to offer relevant ship repair facilities. In addition, it wants to encourage students in technical education on the RDM Campus to choose a job in the maritime sector.

One-stop shop concept

DHR operated the former boat hoist from 2016 to 2018. During that time, there appeared to be a lot of demand for the facility. It was particularly popular with tugboats, patrol vessels, pilot tenders, small pontoons and such. Often, these vessels need to be dry-docked quickly and for a short period of time for inspection, service and maintenance.

After an incident in April 2018, the boat hoist had to be put out of use. For tugboats in particular, there is now little or no such service facility available in Rotterdam and ships sail to Antwerp and Hamburg for this purpose.

That is why the Port of Rotterdam Authority and DHR jointly decided to further develop a one-stop shop concept, including expansion of the site. With the expansion of the shipyard facilities on the RDM site, it will be possible to dry-dock several ships at the same time, as well as to service ships in the water using the new berths on pontoons in the Heysehaven.


A completely new boat hoist has been chosen with the brand name Travelift, which has a capacity of 820 tonnes and is suitable for ships up to approximately 80 metres in length. De Haas Maassluis has already gained good experience with this at its shipyard in Maassluis. The Travelift will drive like a gantry crane over the port of the former boat hoist in order to lift the ships. To this end, a number of constructive adjustments will be made to the quay of the boat hoist. The Travelift will be commissioned in Q1 2022.

De Haas Rotterdam is managed by De Haas Maassluis. This shipyard specialises in both shipbuilding and the complete maintenance, repair and renovation of patrol vessels, search and rescue (SAR) vessels, emergency response vessels and other specialist commercial vessels.

Emile Hoogsteden (Port Authority, left) and Govert de Haas, owner of De Haas Rotterdam, sign contract to restart shipyard at RDM Rotterdam.