Wijnne Barends has taken delivery of the first dual-fuel dry bulk cargo vessel in a series of four. According to the shipping company, the Lady Marie Christine is the first such vessel in short sea shipping in Europe that will be able to operate on LNG.

The series with ice class 1A was ordered at Wuhu Shipyard in 2019 after Conoship International had provided the design. The order followed a long term charter agreement with Finnish UPM. The 115-metre-long LAdy Marie Christine was launched on 25 August 2021 and delivered from the yard in China on the 24th of January 2022.

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The 5800-DWT multi-purpose vessels in the series can sail on either LNG or marine gas oil (MGO) and have an open top notation allowing it to sail without hatch covers. The new Lady M-series is designed for transporting all kind of paper-related materials. With the flush cargo desk, the vessel can also carry project cargo.

The hull shape was optimised using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations and the layout of the vessel was adjusted to accommodate the placement of the LNG tank below deck. The superstructure and wheelhouse were placed in front to improve open top sailing capabilities. After the CFD calculations, the model was successfully tested at HSVA.

Lady M-series particulars

  • Design: Conoship International
  • Engineering: Conoship International
  • Client: Wijnne Barends
  • To be operated by: Wijnne Barends
  • To be built by: WuHu Shipyard
  • Length over all: about 115.20 metres
  • Breadth: about 16.50 metres
  • Design draught: about 6.20 metres
  • Corresponding deadweight: 5875 tonnes
  • Gross Tonnage: about 4950
  • Design speed: 12.5 knots
  • Installed power: 2550 kW, dual-fuel propulsion system
  • LNG tank capacity: about 200 m3

Pictures by Wijnne Barends.

Lady Marie Christine Wijnne Barends

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