In addition to the Lady Hester, shipping company Wijnne Barends has also ordered “plug and play” scrubbers for four of its sister ships. Value Maritime will install the systems in March and May 2020.

After thorough monitoring and testing with the scrubber on the Lady Hester, the same 3.0MW exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) will now be fitted on board the Lady Helene, Lady Dawn, Lady Diane and Lammy. This so-called hybrid ready scrubber system is a small, prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” EGCS in a 20ft transportable casing. The EGCS filters Sulphur and ultrafine particulate matter (PM 2.5) from a vessel’s exhaust gasses. The system assures compliance with the IMO 2020 0.1 per cent Sulphur Cap.

Retrofit Process

The scrubber is prefabricated at Value Maritime, meaning the scrubber only has to be lifted on board and subsequently connected to the ship’s exhaust. This is done by placing a three way valve on the exhaust which is then attached to the scrubber. The retrofit of the Lady Hester was completed in nine days. Fitting such a scrubber also does not require a dry dock.