Jan Jaap Nieuwenhuis has been named Conoship’s new managing director. Alongside Geert Dokter, CEO of Conoship, he will focus on maintaining the strong foundation of the nearly 70-year-old company and support its expansion into future markets.

Nieuwenhuis took up the position on 1 November. He brings a wealth of experience and skills in the fields of management, research, design and engineering to his new role. He acquired these during his years as manager of the Design Department at Conoship, a role he will continue to fulfil.

‘Throughout my career, the subject of innovation and product development in shipbuilding has been of great interest to me,’ says Nieuwenhuis. ‘Conoship has a proven track record of pushing the envelope and I see it as my challenge to make Conoship grow further in its position as an expert. If anything has been demonstrated in the unparalleled past year, it’s the survival of the Innovator.’

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In 1952 Conoship International was founded as a central design and purchase office for a group of Northern Dutch shipyards. It is now an independent company that provides services to shipyards and ship owners all around the world. Over 2000 ships were built based on Conoship designs.

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