Now that many have been vaccinated including, fortunately, more and more seafarers, it is again possible to meet at trade fairs and conferences. Here, we can once again exchange innovative ideas, solutions and equipment that can hopefully improve not only shipping, but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the maritime industry.

It has taken a long time, but maritime professionals probably know better than anyone that you better take safety seriously because otherwise the risks are far too great. Being stuck on a ship with a crew among whom a potentially deadly virus circulates seems to me to be one of the worst things that could happen to you. But Covid vaccines now allow the world to open up again.

Maritime professionals and those interested can prepare themselves for next month, as there will be a lot to do in the Netherlands in the maritime field. First of all, there is the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference with the Navingo Career Event on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 October in the Amsterdam RAI, followed by the international Europort Exhibition in Rotterdam from 2-5 November.

Two weeks later, from 16 to 18 November, Amsterdam RAI will also host the Metstrade Show, which claims to be the world’s largest trade exhibition for marine equipment, materials and systems.

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And for the lucky ones that have been invited or still had enough money to be able to book a table or chair, they can party once again at the Maritime Awards Gala on Monday 1 November at De Doelen in Rotterdam. After two years, the maritime industry again has the opportunity to celebrate the greatest Dutch maritime innovations. Innovations that enable the Dutch maritime industry to keep on being competitive and help our industry to weather severe storms time and again.

If one plans to participate in one or more of these events, it is good to know that SWZ|Maritime is here to help keep you informed about what is really important in the global maritime industry and what is worth a visit at all those exhibitions and conferences.

The October edition of SWZ|Maritime is a collector’s item with a complete overview of all the nominees for all the five awards to be presented at the Gala. Talking about the offshore industry, one must definitely read the article about “The evolution of offshore vessels” by our editor Björn von Ubisch. Willem de Jong provides an update on the actual state of the global shipbuilding industry, while Gerrit de Boer completed his annual overview of 2020 Dutch shipbuilding production.

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Picture: Royal Bodewes has launched the first newly built hybrid ship (diesel/electric from batteries) in Europe. Once delivered, the Aasfjell will sail under the Norwegian flag for Aasen Shipping (cover picture SWZ|Mariitme October 2021).