Windship Technology’s patented triple-wing rig has received an approval in principle from classification society DNV. According to the company, three rigs sets are able to produce all the power required to sail an 80,000 DWT ship on the main long transoceanic routes.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was used to refine the wings. After that, extensive wind tunnel testing took place. Each wing has trailing edge flaps that allow for optimisation of the motive force produced for a variety of incident wind angles. These flaps also allow the rigs to produce the highest power density of any current wind-powered solution says Windship.

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The wings deployed on vessels are located on a steel cruciform base. This base provides the intersection with the ship and also houses the lifting and lowering mechanism. The latter is especially important for port access and bridge height clearance. The rigs can be lowered either fore and aft or over the ship’s side as required for (un)loading operations. Whilst underway, the rigs are automatically controlled, rotating to gain the greatest motive advantage from the available wind power.

Zero-emission ship design

Windship Technology has also created a ship design equipped with the triple-wing solution that can achieve zero emissions. The design starts with the rigs, constructed from composite materials to reduce weight at height. It goes further with an incorporated diesel electric drive. It features a full carbon capture system that dramatically reduces fossil fuel consumption whilst eliminating NOx, SOx and particulate matter and results in zero CO2.

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‘Fleet owners and charterers have a zero emissions option with Windship Technology’s whole-ship design that is set to revolutionise the industry and the need for these wing solutions has never been more than now,’says Simon Rogers, Technical Director at the British company. ‘With the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index coming into force on 1st January 2023, the clock is ticking on the shipping industry. Windship Technology is the stand-out solution and we welcome the approval in principle from DNV whom we have worked with efficiently and expediently in achieving this classification.’