UK-based Windship Technology has come up with a diesel electric ship drive system that eliminates CO2, NOx, SOx and particulate matter whilst also incorporating large solar arrays, carbon capture, optimised hull shapes and specialised weather routing software. The ship will also be equipped with the company’s patented triple-wing rig.

The triple-wing rigs produce a driving force several multiples greater than single masted solutions of the same height. The 48-metre rig is stowable on deck through an innovative stowage solution to aid port navigation and cargo handling. Its composite structure is borne out of technology and design from the wind turbine industry, ensuring reliability and longevity of greater than 25 years. The rig was developed and tested at Wolfson Unit in Southampton.

‘The holistic approach demonstrated in this solution whereby wind power, solar power and the reduction of harmful exhaust emissions to effectively zero, are all brought together, means that at last there is a design solution that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) can champion to achieve its requirements for “at least” zero carbon shipping,’ says Professor Philip Wilson, formerly Professor of Ship Dynamics at the Ship Science Department at the University of Southampton.

DNV to verify the design

Windship Technology has partnered with classification society DNV, which will be conducting both an outside-in and inside-out verification to fully assess the whole-ship design with a view to classifying emission reductions, safety and operability.

‘We will work closely with the project team in a fully transparent manner as we now initiate the work to establish a simulation model that will help us verify the GHG emission reduction capability of the technology,’ explains Per Marius Berrefjord, Senior Vice President of DNV. ‘We are also preparing for a HAZID that shall verify the safety and operability of ships with Windship Technology installed. These activities will be followed by further verification activities as the project moves forward.’

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Tesla of the seas

Against a backdrop of new build ship orders down over fifty per cent in 2020, and regulators such as the IMO demanding environmental and sustainable reform from the industry, Windship says it is offering a “Tesla of the seas” solution for shipping. According to the company, the True Zero Emission solution is presently the only viable and most economical zero emission project for ocean-going bulk carrier and oil tanker ships.

Windship Technology is now looking to cement commercial partnerships with major ship owners, operators and investors with the vision to transform the shipping industry and address the growing emissions issue that can no longer be ignored.

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