Container ship Ever Given is now on its way to Rotterdam. According to the website Vesselfinder, the ship, which blocked the Suez Canal for almost a week in March, is leaving Port Saïd. Last Wednesday, the Ever Given completed its journey through the Suez Canal, after which the ship anchored off the port.

The Ever Given ran into a sandstorm in March and grounded in the southern part of the Suez Canal. After the ship was refloated, Egypt seized the ship. Only when an agreement was reached to pay compensation to the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) was the Ever Given allowed to leave. Allegedly, this compensation amounted to USD 540 million and a new tugboat.

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Because of the blockade, hundreds of ships were stuck in traffic jams on each side of the Suez Canal. In the weeks after the blockade, several ports, including Rotterdam, worked extra hard for some time to catch up with the backlog.

Arrival in Rotterdam

It is not yet known when the ship will arrive in Rotterdam. The port authority expects the large container ship on Friday 23 July at the earliest.

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Source: ANP

Picture by SCA.