Yara Marine Technologies, which develops emissions reduction technologies in the maritime industry, has acquired Lean Marine. The latter creates automated fuel-saving, performance management and reporting solutions for vessels.

Lean Marine offers a combination of direct, real-time fuel optimisation and data analysis over time. Its FuelOpt system optimises a vessel’s propulsion line in real-time based on the commands from the bridge, enabling automated control of vessel speed and fuel consumption, and avoiding fuel overconsumption.

On vessels with controllable pitch propellers, FuelOpt acts as a dynamic tuning system controlling the propeller’s pitch and RPM automatically to produce the most amount of thrust with the least amount of power.

The company’s second main product, Fleet Analytics, turns the vessel’s data into knowledge to improve decision-making and operations.

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The takeover allows Yara to expand its portfolio with these services, while Lean Marin hopes to benefit from Yara’s global service and support infrastructure. Both companies seek to reduce maritime emissions and this made them ‘a natural match’ according to Mikael Laurin, CEO of Lean Marine.

He adds: ‘We already see several interesting synergies between us. For instance, the integration of wind-assisted propulsion and conventional propulsion systems requires a smart solution, one that is able to dynamically adjust engine power, pitch propeller, and route for real time optimisation of fuel efficiency. This is a very interesting arena now that Yara Marine is bringing WindWings [an advanced wind-assisted propulsion and route optimisation system, Ed.] to the market.’

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Picture: Lean Marine’s FuelOpt system.