Wagenborg’s general cargo ship Koningsborg suffered a blackout on Thursday 24 June causing the vessel to lose manoeuvrability and run aground on a sandbank in Sweden. This was reported by the Swedish Coast Guard.

The 130-metre-long cargo ship experienced engine problems in the form of a blackout causing it to run aground at Sandö in the Ångermanälven river. The Koningsborg, which sails under the Dutch flag, had a pilot on board at the time of the accident. The ship was carrying timber and was en route to Casablanca in Morocco. There were no casualties.

The Swedish Coast Guard says it immediately sent aircraft and sea-going units to the ship to monitor the situation and take measures to reduce the risk of an oil spill. However, as only the ship’s bow grounded and a sandbank was involved, the risk was expected to be minimal by the Coast Guard.

This proved to be the case as the ship was pulled free later on Thursday evening and towed to Härnösand where it arrived on Friday evening. There, more inspections are being carried out before the ship can travel on. Today, 28 June, the ship is still in port.

Pictures by the Swedish Coast Guard (Kustbevakningen).

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