For the second time, Royal IHC has launched the cutter suction dredger (CSD) Alyarmouk. While built in the Netherlands and first launched there, the vessel had subsequently been demounted and transported to Jordan for a second launch.

The custom-built vessel is a 3557-kW CSD and a further developed copy of the dredger Jarash, which the shipbuilder delivered to Arab Potash Company in 2018. It was built at IHC’s yard in Kinderdijk.

The Alyarmouk is the last of three contracts signed between Arab Potash Company (APC) and IHC in 2020. The first was for an IHC Beaver 65, a 2819-kW dismountable CSD that was modified in order to work efficiently in the Dead Sea. The second contract was a three-year maintenance deal for the IHC dredgers Jarash and Mutah, with the purpose of achieving and maintaining an agreed level of uptime. APC will use the Alyarmouk at its site in Jordan, where it will cut and remove crystallised salt under harsh conditions.

IHC will now start with outfitting the vessel and preparing it for its upcoming sea trials.

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