The first of forty inland waterway barges that are being built by Concordia Damen has been launched at the casco yard in Serbia. The vessels, known as Parsifal tankers, will be 110 x 11.45 metres and feature low emission LNG propulsion and extreme shallow draught capabilities.

Concordia Damen signed the contract for the Parsifal tankers late last year. The vessels will be chartered by Shell and operated by the VT Group/Marlow. They will carry mineral oils between Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Rhine network. The VT Group is specialised in the inland shipping of minerals, chemical products, bio fuels and lubricants.

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‘We are pleased to have reached this milestone in this important project,’ says Concordia Damen CEO Chris Kornet. ‘The Parsifal Tankers represent a new generation of eco-conscious vessels that will play a significant role in the maritime energy transition. We are looking forward to continuing to develop this project in the coming months.’

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