SEA Defence is the first maritime project to receive a subsidy from the European Defence Industry Development Programme (EDIDP) of the European Commission. The project is led by Damen Shipyards and investigates technologies intended for the next generation of European naval ships. 

The subsidy for SEA Defence amounts to 14.29 million euros. It is a project of major European naval shipyards and knowledge institutes. In addition to Damen, from the Netherlands the Navy, TNO and the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) also participate. The project comprises a feasibility study possible future naval technologies.

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Major European shipyards are working together within SEA Defence. Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden support the SEA Defence project. This takes place under the leadership of the Dutch Ministry of Defence. The project should lead to capabilities that effectively support European naval forces against possible future threats.

Basis for future cooperation

The Dutch Ministry of Defence’s efforts to achieve more European cooperation has resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Director of DMO Vice Admiral Arie Jan de Waard signed the MoU on behalf of Defence on 20 May. This was done digitally, just like the five partners did.

René Berkvens, Vice-President of the Damen Shipyards Group: ‘Damen is honoured to play the role of coordinator in this exceptional project that brings together Europe’s leading naval shipyards. We thank the European Commission for giving us the opportunity to work towards an even stronger European maritime defence and technology base. SEA Defence forms the basis for more European maritime cooperation in the future.’

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The EDIDP paves the way for the European Defence Fund. It focuses on strengthening the technological and industrial base of Europe’s Defence. This will enhance the EU’s autonomy and technological leadership.

Picture by Dutch Ministry of Defence.