The government is freeing up extra money for research into and innovations in cleaner and smarter transport. In total, it concerns a package of EUR 150 million from which companies and knowledge institutes in the automotive, aviation and maritime sectors can benefit. The scheme was opened on Monday.

The subsidy is intended for R&D projects that can start in the short term and last up to four years. It involves a minimum amount of EUR 5 million that researchers have to put into the project.

In order to qualify for the money, cooperation is also required. This means at least two companies, or a company and a knowledge institute have to join forces to receive the subsidy.

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After October, a decision will be made on which projects are eligible for support. An advisory committee will assess the projects. According to the government, investments in research and development are of great importance for the innovative capacity of the Netherlands and make an important contribution to the sector’s sustainability challenge.

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Source: ANP

Picture: An example of sustainable inland navigation: Sendo’s XL Green Deal-compliant container vessel Sendo Nave (from SWZ|Maritime’s April 2020 inland navigation special).