An arch bridge measuring two hundred metres long, twenty metres wide and forty metres high sailed through the centre of Rotterdam in the night from Sunday to Monday. The object is on its way to the Maasvlakte, where it will be placed as a temporary bridge next to the Suurhoff Bridge over the motorway A15.

That bridge is an important connection to the Maasvlakte. It will be renovated in the coming years. With the temporary bridge in place from the end of this week, the burden of the often heavy traffic can be spread over both bridges.

The temporary variant was built in Krimpen aan den IJssel and must be transported to the Maasvlakte by water. This will be done this week with floating pontoons that are connected to each other. A tugboat in front and a pusher behind ensure that the colossus moves and stays on course. All together, the transport measures almost 250 metres in length.

Further towards the Maasvlakte

In the night from Sunday to Monday, the pontoons sailed through the centre of Rotterdam. On the way, the Van Brienenoordbrug, the Hef, the Koninginne Bridge and the Erasmus Bridge were passed and at dawn it was the turn of the Botlek Bridge.

From Monday to Tuesday, the trip will continue in the direction of the Maasvlakte. The bridge will pass the Hartels Complex and the Harmsen Bridge, among others. And during the night of 14 to 15 May, the temporary bridge will be placed next to the Suurhoff Bridge. This planning does depend on the weather and the tide.

The Suurhoff bridge is one of thirteen bridges in South Holland that will be renovated in the coming years.

Picture (top) by Eyecatcher.

This article first appeared in Dutch on, a publication of SWZ|Maritime’s publishing partner Promedia.