Shipyard Bijlsma Wartena launched the Coastal Crown, a battery-hybrid Multicat 3712 it is building for Acta Marine on 23 April. The vessel features Tier-3 engines and an ultra-shallow draught. It is scheduled for delivery this summer.

The Tier-3 engines are said to reduce NOx emissions by 73 per cent. The Bureau Veritas classed Multicat will also be equipped with a 300-kWh battery pack for both propulsion and the ship’s accommodation. The company expects fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to be reduced by twenty per cent.

Triple drive hybrid configuration

The typical works scope of (DP) workboats in a project involves a variety of activities with various idle/waiting intervals per day. To accommodate this and allow for a smart configuration and use of power and propulsion systems, the Coastal Crown has three drive modes: a direct, diesel-electric and battery-electric drive mode.

The direct drive mode consists of two direct drive engines on fixed propellers. It is mainly used during transits and when strong power is required like during anchor and barge handling. The diesel-electric drive mode had two generators with diesel-electrical drive for an azimuth stern and two bow thrusters. This is mainly used during DP operations and manoeuvring at the project site.

The 300-kWh battery pack allows for battery-electric operation for DP back-up power and the ship’s accommodation supply, which is mostly used during idle/waiting intervals between activities. The battery capacity can be upgraded when needed.

Vessel particulars

  • Length oa: 37.00 metres
  • Breadth oa: 11,84 metres
  • Draught: min. draught 1.73 metres, maximum draught 2.12 metres
  • GT: approx. 420
  • NT: approx. 125
  • Max. deck load: 5 tonnes/m2
  • Free deck space: 207 m2
  • Accommodation: up to nineteen persons

Machinery and propulsion

  • Maximum speed: 11 knots
  • Bollard pull: 30 tonnes
  • Power output: 2988 kW
  • Bow thruster: 2x 360 azimuth Compact-Jet thruster 249 kW
  • Stern thruster: 1x 360 azimuth thruster 470 kW
  • DP-2system: Navis
  • Battery set: 300 kWh

Deck equipment

  • AH winch: 100 tonnes – 9 m/min., 50 ton – 18 m/min., 25 tonnes – 36 m/min.
  • Tugger winch: 10 tonnes 0-20 m/min.
  • Hydr.deck crane FS: HS Marine AKC290 LH3, fixed hook SWL 11.3 ton at 16.50 metres – 25.1 tonnes at 8.28 metres, wire winch SWL 10 tonnes
  • Hydr.deck crane AS: HS Marine AKC185 HE4, fixed hook SWL 7.6 tonnes at 15.07 metres – 18.7 tonnes at 6.95 metres
  • Towing Pins foredeck: Tugpins towing pins 70 tonnes
  • Chain/wire Stopper foredeck: Tugpins Karm fork 70 tonnes

Watch a timelapse of the vessel being built on Bijlsma Wartena’s Facebook page.