The new cutter suction dredger (CSD) Mohab Mameesh has arrived in Egypt after it was transported by the semi-submersible vessel Xiang Rui Kou from Rotterdam. The 29,190-kW heavy-duty rock CSD is one of the most powerful dredgers in the world and was built by Royal IHC for the Suez Canal Authority.

The dredger had already officially been handed over to the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) on 18 March.

With an overall length of 147.4 metres and a total installed cutter power of 4800 kW, the Mohab Mameesh can dredge to a depth of 35 metres. There are also accommodation facilities on board that can house over seventy people.

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The Mohab Mameesh will primarily be deployed to maintain and improve the Suez Canal, the artificial sea-level area that connects the Mediterranean and Red seas. As the vessel was designed in close cooperation with the SCA, it has the capacity to work effectively in the harsh conditions of the region.

Watch a video of the ship being loaded onto the semi-submersible and leaving the Netherlands below.

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Picture by Royal IHC/Peter de Klerk.