The Dutch Maritime Police in cooperation with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) is conducting an investigation into the incident involving the container ship Baltic Tern. The ship lost five containers in the North Sea above Ameland on Wednesday 7 April.

The investigation focuses on the question of whether the damage caused was the result of criminal acts, and whether anyone can be held responsible for this. It is being investigated how the ship could lose so many containers and whether, for example, the Dutch Prevention of Pollution from Ships Act or the Water Act was violated.

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Two containers to be located

In the meantime, three of the five containers that were lost overboard have been found and salvaged. It concerns a container with acetone, a tank with used cooking oil and a freight container with kraftliner (wood fibre). The two remaining containers, one with wood fibre and one with wood pellets for wood-burning stoves, have not yet been located.

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Source: ANP

Picture by the Netherlands Coast Guard.