Operating ships running on LNG has its own specific risks. Reason for RelyOn Nutec to open a new LNG training facility at its Rotterdam training centre. At the facility, it is possible to simulate realistic scenarios that cover everything from small leaks to large liquid LNG pool fires of 1500 litres.

The company opened its first LNG facility in 2014, but when moving to a new location in 2018, it was decided to further improve and expand the LNG training capabilities. Some of the most common scenarios offered by the facility include:

  • Small-scale LNG flange, pipe and valve leaks and sealing leaks
  • Connecting and disassembling LNG safety equipment
  • LNG flange leakage with fire
  • LNG evaporating liquid pool fire

RelyOn Nutec also offers seafarers, who participate in the STCW IGF Code (International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low-flashpoint Fuels) training courses, the opportunity to become acquainted with LNG as a product and the practical application of the technology in an LNG installation in several demonstrations.

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