Jumbo has completed the transport part of its largest transport and installation job to date. Using its heavy lift vessels as well as subcontracted deck carriers forty monopiles, 120 monopile sections and forty transition pieces were transported from yards in the Netherlands and Germany to Taiwan for the Yunlin offshore wind farm.

In addition to the actual transport of components from A to B, Jumbo’s role was complete project management of numerous critical aspects of the project. This included the engineering, design and fabrication management of the supporting and sea-fastening elements such as cradles, grillages and load spreader beams, procurement of additional equipment and services, as well as the chartering of third party vessels.

21 intercontinental voyages

In terms of logistics, the Yunlin offshore wind farm is a substantial project; the transport of components required no less than 21 intercontinental voyages, at times with ten transition pieces (TPs) per voyage.

Watch a video of the Fairpartner loading ten TPs in Vlissingen, the Netherlands below.

‘Our eye for detail in the early contractual stages enabled the smooth progress in execution of transport. We highlighted potential bottlenecks in the port logistics in Taiwan well in advance, tackling them in an open and candid fashion to safeguard our client,’ says Boudewijn van der Garden, Jumbo Commercial Manager specialised in Offshore Renewables. ‘Moreover, we supported direct berthing at the fabrication yard in Germany; this saved a lot of time. We re-used the saddles and other sea-fastenings; this saved a lot of money.’

Installing eighty TPs

The transport of the offshore wind substructures is now completed. In the meantime, Jumbo is ready for the installation of eighty TPs. Once again, Jumbo will be working at the Tier I level, contracting additional support services such as monopile cleaning specialists and TP grouting teams.

Jumbo secured the Yunlin T&I contract with Yunneng Windpower Co. (a Taiwanese subsidiary of wpd AG) back in June 2019.

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