The SC Connector will arrive at Matrans Rotterdam Terminal in the Eemhaven on Tuesday 12 January. The ship, owned by shipping company Sea-Cargo, was converted into a modern sailing ship last year. It sails in a scheduled service between Western Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and since last week also Sweden and Poland.

SC Connector is a ship built in 1997 for general cargo and container cargo on which so called “rotor sails” were installed last year. These are masts that can generate energy for propulsion so that the ship can sail green. The rotor sails, which are 35 metres high and 5 metres wide, can save 25 per cent in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption under favourable weather conditions.

SC Connector sails with breakbulk – especially a lot of aluminium – between Norway, England and Rotterdam. The ship will depart the Port of Rotterdam on Wednesday evening at 18.00 hours.

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