ONE has announced that unloading of containers on board the ONE Apus has been proceeding steadily. So far, 126 containers have been removed from the 14,000-TEU ship that lost more than 1800 containers on 30 November during a storm.

The ship lost 1816 containers a fortnight ago during heavy weather on the Pacific Ocean. The remaining containers that did not fall into the sea toppled like dominoes. A drone inspection revealed that of the 22 rows of containers on board, only six were left unharmed and complete.

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Further unloading will be picked up again on Tuesday 5 January after operations were halted during the Japan New Year holiday, from 30th Dec 2020 till 4th Jan 2021. The company also says container inspection and survey work has now commenced. From now on, unloading will proceed at a slower pace, according to the company, due to safety issues and because repairs to the vessel’s deck will be executed simultaneously.

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