Manually entering products and product specifications before and during the construction of ships, yachts and super yachts costs a lot of time and money. Software supplier Shipbuilder found a way to do this faster by applying the One Maritime Data Standard.

Shipbuilder joined forces with 2BA, a portal for maritime product data. Geert Schouten, director at Shipbuilder: ‘Based on the One Maritime Data Standard (OMDS), our customers can now search in catalogues of more and more maritime suppliers.’

‘With our software, maritime projects are fully supervised from A to Z,’ adds Schouten. ‘We immediately saw that integration of the 2BA portal within our software accelerated the turnaround time of a maritime project. Because a large part of the entire manual input process of products and the associated specifications can now be skipped and can be added to the project with a single mouse click. Because the digital catalogues of the suppliers are based on the One Maritime Data Standard and are increasingly to be found in 2BA’s database, companies have direct access to which products are available and they can also compare products directly.’

Up to date

‘What we also see often, is that maritime companies are working with outdated product specifications or even with products that are no longer available on the market at all. A team regularly discovers this during a project, so they have to go back to the drawing board. This will be prevented from now on. Because maritime suppliers themselves keep the data within the 2BA data pool according to the OMDS standard, shipyards have the guarantee that they are continuously working with the correct information,’ Schouten explains.