The shortage of container ships in the shipping industry and, as a result, of containers in Europe has become untenable, according to Evofenedex, a logistics trade association. The shortage creates unsafe situations and congestion in port areas. Evofenedex calls on the major international shipping companies to bring more ships into service immediately.

The container ships are loaded to the brim, which increases the risk of losing cargo, according to the trade organisation. One ship recently lost 200 containers north of Schiermonnikoog in the North Sea, another is said to have lost more than 1800 containers on the route between Asia and the US.

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There are also problems in the ports. Evofenedex points to the cargoes being refused due to a lack of transport capacity. In addition, rates are rising to record levels and surcharges are piling up. ‘There are many problems, while container liners are making record profits,’ says the association.

Container liners lack the arguments to keep ships out of service any longer, according to Evofenedex. The association expects action to resolve the dire situation.

The European Shippers’ Council (ESC) has also raised the problem of the lack of transport capacity in container liner shipping and its consequences with the European Commission.

The Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR) has stated that the major international container shipping sector is responsible for the problems raised by Evofenedex. There are no Dutch shipping companies in international container shipping.

Source: ANP