will market the Portuguese Usafe in the Netherlands. The Usafe is a steerable lifebuoy that can sail to a drowning person and increases the chances of survival. The lifebuoy can be used in inland navigation, fishing or for rescue operations along the coast and at sea.

The deployment of an ordinary lifebuoy is not easy. In fact, it is virtually impossible from a sailing ship. The victim then has to swim towards the buoy and will quickly become exhausted. The Portuguese Usafe has found a modern solution to this problem. They developed a life buoy that can be remotely controlled. It can sail to the victim with the aid of two water jets and even bring them to shore.

The Usafe is aimed at the same type of victim as the standard lifebuoy. This means that the victim is aware and must be able to grasp the device. The Usafe sails at a speed of up to fifteen kilometres per hour. When the lifebuoy is travelling with the victim, the maximum speed is five kilometres per hour. This speed is important because it minimises the effort required for the victim to hold on to the lifebuoy.

Operated by one hand

The Usafe has a remote control that can be operated with one hand. This works instinctively and can also be operated by an untrained person in the event of an emergency. On open water, the range is as far as the eye can see. The Usafe can be used on inland water as well as at sea. The drive is powerful enough to sail effortlessly through the surf of the sea. It does not matter how the Usafe lands in the water, it works with either side up.