TMA Logistics has tested the containerised eConowind unit on container barge Ms Royaal. The innovative foldable and autonomous unit allows the ship to partially sail on wind power. The container takes up limited space and can easily be placed on board of (inland) vessels.

TMA Logistics connects terminals in Harlingen, Hasselt, IJmuiden, Velsen and Amsterdam with the deepsea terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp. Every week, TMA offers fifteen sailings from Amsterdam to the Maasvlakte and the Waal-Eemhaven area. It is precisely by bundling volumes that TMA has been able to secure firm agreements with the deepsea terminals.

TMA wants to further green its fleet by means of various innovations. The test with the eConowind unit yielded a fuel saving of ten per cent. Right now, the ship sails on gas oil, but in the future the company plans to switch to electricity and hydrogen. The company says the result of this first test is ‘enough reason to continue testing’.