The Cyprus-flagged container ship Tina 1 has run aground in the Singapore Strait. This happened after it had collided with an Iranian container ship, which had run aground there six months earlier following a collision with an Indonesian cargo ship.

The container ship, loaded with more than 4000 TEU, had left Singapore and was on its way to Jakarta. There it hit the stern of the Iranian Shahraz. The Shahraz had run aground in May 2020. The Iranian ship sustained significant damage as a result. An Iranian company is already in the process of salvaging it.

An inspection showed that no oil spills occurred as a result of the collision. However, it is still unclear exactly how the accident happened. For the time being, the Tina 1 remains aground in the busy strait. Local authorities are busy monitoring maritime traffic. (RvdB)

Photo (top): The Tina 1 sailed on the stern of the Iranian Shahraz (photo Piet Sinke – Maasmond Maritime).

The Cypriot ship has run aground (photo Piet Sinke – Maasmond Maritime).

The Iranian container ship has been aground in the Strait of Singapore since May 2020 (photo Piet Sinke – Maasmond Maritime).