The first cruise ship to cross the Caribbean since the coronavirus outbreak returned to Barbados early because a number of passengers tested positive for Covid-19. Media report it concerns 5 people on board the SeaDream 1.

In a statement released by owner SeaDream Yacht Club on Thursday 12 November, no numbers are mentioned. However, Sue Bryant, a journalist from the British newspaper The Times and The Sunday Times who is on board, writes on Twitter that 5 people were involved.

On Wednesday 11 November, reporter Gene Sloan from the Points Guy website, which is also on the SeaDream 1 ship, wrote that a first person tested positive. Captain Torbjorn Lund was reported to have announced this via the intercom. All guests and non-essential crew members are in quarantine in passenger cabins while the ship awaits permission to disembark in Barbados, the company said.

The tests on crew members were all negative, SeaDream said. According to Points Guy, there are 53 passengers and 66 crew members on the ship.

The outbreak comes as larger cruise companies, including Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruises, try to prove the safety of the industry so that they can sail again from the United States. Cruises have been at a complete standstill since March.

All SeaDream 1 passengers were subjected to 2 Covid-19 tests before boarding and, according to Seadream Yacht Club, they are now all being re-tested.

Source: ANP

Photo: Gordon Leggett / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0