Heerema has sold its shares in Heerema Porto Amboim (HPA) to its joint venture partner and liquidated Heerema Marine-Sociedade Angolana de Transportes (HMT). According to the company, the joint ventures are no longer economically viable due to the ongoing poor market conditions and sustained low oil price.

Having explored possibilities for the future within Angola, Heerema has concluded that the closure of HPA and HMT is the appropriate option. The HPA yard and HMT office currently employs around 40 people and following a wind down of services over the next 2 months, the full closure is expected in December this year.

In a statement, the company says ‘the decision to cease operations in Angola is a difficult one and comes in response to long-term challenges and a limited outlook for work in the future. We deeply regret the job losses that will result from this decision and will support our people through the transition.’

Heerema Marine Contractors will continue to operate from their branch in Angola, providing heavy lift installation services for the offshore energy markets.

Picture by Frans Berkelaar.