Dutch and Belgian ports will set up a single shore-based power system for inland shipping and the river cruise industry. The Port of Rotterdam Authority has published a European call for bids to find a supplier for the system.

Shore power allows captains to freely use their onboard facilities without having to resort to polluting sources of power like a diesel generator or the ship’s main engine. A single system is to improve user-friendliness. The plan stems from the Port of Antwerp, the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Amsterdam, North Sea Port Netherlands, Drechtsteden and De Vlaamse Waterweg.

The tender is in line with the partners’ policy to pursue a balanced development of the various port areas in the Netherlands and Belgium. Public authorities and private firms in the different ports seek to promote transport by inland shipping and rail rather than by road to reduce emissions. Shore power also fits into this.

The parties involved hope this new standardisation will be adopted by many other countries besides Belgium and the Netherlands. In the period ahead, other parties that offer shore-based power may also decide to join the new agreement.

Picture by Port of Antwerp.