Huisman Equipment and Eavor Technologies will collaborate on the design and construction of the next generation of highly automated drilling technology. The cooperation will be focused on the implementation of Eavor’s geothermal solution Eavor-Loop on a massive scale.

Eavor is working on several potentially disruptive drilling innovations, which will expand the geographic deployment opportunities for the Eavor-Loop technologies while also improving capital efficiency. Huisman, as a designer and manufacturer of automated drilling equipment, seeks to integrate these drilling innovations into new highly automated drilling factories dedicated to efficiently manufacturing Eavor-Loops. These drilling factories will reduce Eavor-Loop construction costs, with improved drilling speeds and reduced operating costs, while also providing maximum worker and environmental safety.

‘We have followed the development of Eavor’s scalable clean dispatchable energy solution and became convinced that we could help Eavor move its solution to the next level with our innovative rig design capabilities,’ says David Roodenburg, CEO of Huisman. ‘Working together with Eavor’s team, we are designing and developing new drilling rigs that will facilitate Eavor-Loop implementation on a massive scale.’

John Redfern, President and CEO, Eavor Technologies Inc., adds: ‘The Eavor-Loop solution, initially developed and demonstrated in North America, will now benefit from our relationship and combined efforts with Huisman to reach our cost target of USD 50/MWh or less for clean dispatchable power and contributes to our ambition to enhance capital efficiency.’


The Eavor-Loop technology harnesses the earth’s natural heat kilometres underground to be used at surface for heating or electricity generation. While the geothermal energy production is not new, Eavor’s technology is highly scalable and holds the promise to be a significant global energy source which does not have the intermittency issues of traditional renewable power systems.

Further alignments

Huisman has been designated as one of Eavor’s Preferred Licensed Solution Suppliers; and Huisman Geo and Eavor are to jointly explore Eavor-Loop development opportunities. ‘We have followed the achievements of Eavor and see that their closed-loop geothermal system solution could potentially be competitive with mainstream renewable solutions, as it enhances the complex features of traditional geothermal exploration,’ explains Peter de Vin, Director Huisman Geo. ‘Specifically, the fact that the Eavor-Loop system does not rely on subsurface reservoirs is a huge advantage.’

‘Eavor, for some time now, has been working with an excellent and enthusiastic group of professionals and technicians at Huisman on new highly automated multi-derrick drilling rigs incorporating the latest in machine learning. We are thrilled to continue this relationship and believe the Eavor-Loop solution is now, more than ever before, poised to provide a uniquely scalable source of emissions-free, baseload and dispatchable power to the world,’ concludes Matt Toews, CTO, Eavor Technologies Inc.