Blue Water Shipping has been the target of an attempted hacker attack. However, with the help of experts, the company was able to prevent an actual breach of the system, the freight forwarder announces on Linkedin. The company’s website has been shut down to prevent the attack.

Friday 11 September, Blue Water Shipping detected suspicious activity within the company’s IT infrastructure and decided to initiate its IT security procedure. With help from external security specialists, the systems were analysed, and a hacker attempt was identified. Several systems were shut down, thereby preventing the attempted cyber-attack.

‘Cyber-crime is unfortunate, and an all too common occurrence and the consequences could have been comprehensive. Therefore, we considered it necessary to shut down our systems,’ says Flemming Busch, CFO at Blue Water Shipping.

The company reassures its customers that all transport operations are intact and have been so during the shutdown, which has primarily influenced the internet-based communication with clients and business partners.

‘We apologise to our clients. The shutdown causes potential interruptions – but only temporary – and our employees are still capable of providing transport solutions for all our customers, across all business units. Our priority is to protect our and our customers’ data at all costs and we are pleased to see that we have successfully done just that,’ says Busch.

This article first appeared on Project Cargo Journal, which is another publication of SWZ|Maritime’s publishing partner Promedia.