Damen Marine Components has delivered two large 19A nozzles to Parlevliet & Van der Plas for its fishing trawler, the Margiris. The vessel is one of the largest of its type in the world. It has recently undergone a modification project at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam.
At Damen’s Amsterdam repair yard, the Margiris is undergoing work that includes bow thruster overhaul and fabrication of new bow thruster grids, piping renewal, steel tank repairs, hull cleaning and painting and fabrication and installation of a new sea chest as well as nozzle renewal.

DMC produced the nozzles at its production facility in Gdansk, Poland. From there, the nozzles were loaded onto a special transport for delivery to Amsterdam in January. On arrival, Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam lifted the new nozzles with chain clocks before welding them in place.

The internationally renowned Marin/Wageningen 19A profile can be delivered in various L/D lengths. This nozzle type is often used for vessels where the reverse thrust is less important. Each of the nozzles for this project has a diameter (Ø) of 3636.

DMC produced the nozzles using its Single Weld Spinning Method – based on a single weld seam on the inner side of the nozzle. The spinning machine can produce nozzles with an inside diameter ranging from 1,000 millimetres to 5.3 metres on the outside.

Using a completely automated system, the spinning machine can handle stainless steel, duplex, steel and special steel materials.

12,500th nozzle

The reduction in CO2 emissions associated with nozzle use already improves vessel sustainability significantly. With the Single Weld Spinning Method this goes even further. The reduced grinding and welding equals less energy use and, thereby, fewer emissions. Additionally, the method saves production, which enhances DMC’s stable price/quality ratio for increased cost-efficiency.

‘We are very pleased to supply the nozzles for this notable vessel. Back in 2015, we delivered our 10,000th nozzle. At the time of writing this has risen to approximately 12,500 – a testament to the quality and popularity of our product range,’ said Kees Oevermans, Damen Marine Components Sales Manager.