The first in a series of at least three OSD-IMT7402 shallow draft tugs was delivered to PT Patria Maritime Lines based in Cikarang, Indonesia on 18 August. It was built at PT Patria Maritim Perkasa shipyard in Batam, and is now on its way to Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.
The 20 tonnes bollard pull, shallow draft, conventional tug is equipped to assist 300-foot barges berthing and unberthing and for towing these barges along the Barito River in the South Kalimantan area of Indonesia. During the dry season, the upstream part of the river has a water depth of only around 2.5 to three metres. For this reason, the design draft is being kept at two metres.

The 23-metre LOA OSD-IMT7402 tug is fitted with a towing hook aft. A push bow with a triple vertical D-fender is integrated into the ships’ structures. The design offers accommodation for ten persons arranged in two quadruple and two single cabins.

The tug is equipped with two 829BHP main diesel engines connected to drive shafts and conventional fixed propellers with high-efficiency nozzles. This configuration allows for an ahead bollard pull of 20 tonnes and a free running speed of around 12 knots. It is Indonesian flagged and classed by Bureau Veritas.

PT Patria Maritim Perkasa intends to build more OSD-IMT7402 tugs at a later date.