Jan de Nul Group has won the wind turbine transport and installation contract for the 3.6 GW Dogger Bank Wind Farm in the UK, which will be powered with GE’s 12 MW Haliade-X wind turbines. The contract will be carried out by Jan de Nul’s new installation vessel Voltaire, which is still under construction.

The 3.6GW Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be delivered in three stages of 1.2 GW each. Once finished, it will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world powering 4.5 million British homes, equal to about 5% of the UK’s energy needs. It is owned and operated by a joint venture of SSE Renewables and Equinor.

Dogger Bank Wind Farm secured the offshore wind contracts in the UK Government’s 2019 contracts for difference auctions. Record low prices were awarded for the three projects making up Dogger Bank Wind Farm: Dogger Bank A, Dogger Bank B and Dogger Bank C.

Dogger Bank A and Dogger Bank B are now moving towards final investment decision, which is expected by the end of 2020. SSE Renewables is leading the development and construction phases of Dogger Bank Wind Farm while Equinor will lead on operations for its lifetime of at least 25 years.

New vessels

“Dogger Bank is a record-breaking project, leading the way in terms of technology and scale. We are so pleased to have secured the Voltaire vessel for this project, not only is it the largest of its kind, but also the first ultra-low emission jack-up vessel, which is truly pioneering”, says Halfdan Brustad, Vice President for Dogger Bank at Equinor.

This contract will be the first job for Jan de Nul’s new vessel. “When taking the decision to build this exciting vessel we had exactly the type of project in mind like Dogger Bank Wind Farm in terms of scale and characteristics of the offshore sites and the turbines”, comments Philippe Hutse, Director Offshore Division at Jan De Nul Group.

The Voltaire will not be the only novelty vessel working at Doggers Bank. Offshore Heavy Transport’s new heavy-lift vessel Alfa Lift will install the monopile foundations and transition pieces for the Dooger Bank A and B wind farms. This contract is planned to begin in 2022, immediately after delivery of the vessel.