Huisman has been awarded a contract by China Merchants Heavy Industry for the delivery of a 250-metric-tonne Knuckle Boom Crane and a 500-metric-tonne towing winch. These will be installed on the upgraded 14,000-kilowatt Large Cruise Rescue Vessel of Nanhai Rescue Bureau.

The Knuckle Boom Crane will be outfitted with an Active Heave Compensation System, allowing the crane to operate at water depths of up to 3000 metres. The main hoist winch will be located below deck to enhance the stability of vessel.

The towing winch is designed with a double winch configuration, which allows it to be used for towing as well as for lifting by the vessel’s 350-metric-tonne A-frame. Both pieces of equipment will be manufactured at the Huisman Zhangzhou premises in China, and will be delivered in Q3 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022.

Life-saving missions

The Nanhai Rescue Bureau, which is part of the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, carries out life-saving missions in waters around the world such as emergency response, firefighting and salvage operations, as well as oil spill detection, deep water exploration, and transportation of lifesaving equipment and supplies. The Huisman crane and towing winch enable the Cruise Rescue Vessel to respond adequately to vessels in distress.

‘We are very pleased to announce another contract awarded by China Merchants Heavy Industry, following the four 2200-metric-tonne Offshore Mast Cranes and the DES drilling package,’ says Andy Tang, Sales Director at Huisman China. ‘We look forward to implementing our proven technology for this rescue vessel and to contribute to lifesaving rescue operations in China.’