Passenger ship Sir Winston was evacuated on Monday morning after a fire broke out. The fire started in a generator and spread to other areas of the ship, reports the Safety Region Utrecht. After more than 1.5 hours, the fire brigade had the fire under control.

The Safety Region reported the fire on Monday 13 July at 7.30 am. At the time, the ship was moored at the Rooseveltlaan on the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal in the Utrecht district Kanaleneiland. The fire was said to spread to other spaces on board via the ship’s insulation. At around 9 am the fire was under control. The fire brigade will clear the smoke on the ship by means of fans. After various measurements, the ship will be handed over to the ship’s personnel.

All 29 passengers and ten crew members were able to leave the ship in time. They will be able to continue their journey on a replacement boat which is en route from Rotterdam.

Sir Winston

Sir Winston was built at an unknown shipyard in Glasgow as a naval vessel for the English Royal Navy. From 1962 to 1963, the ship was converted into a cruise ship at Wijtro in Rotterdam-IJsselmonde. In 1975, the ship was extended to a length of 67.42 metres. It is owned by River Cruises Holding. This passenger shipping company has five river cruise ships that offer bike-boat tours on the European inland waters, mainly in the Netherlands.

Source: ANP (with additions)

Picture (top) by Frila, Wikimedia.