Unifeeder will roll-out the We4Sea Digital Twin based performance monitoring solution across its fleet. The aim is to reduce the ships’ fuel consumption and emissions.

The Unifeeder Group has a large feeder network and growing shortsea business in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia region.

‘Unifeeder wants to be an active participant in finding innovative solutions, through different partnerships and by being a business-driven IT organisation,’ says Michael Bonde, COO of Unifeeder. ‘We are working with AI and machine learning platforms to provide significant operational benefits to our vessels and minimise the environmental impact.’

Digital Twin performance analysis

We4Sea focusses on increasing fuel efficiency and lower emissions of seagoing vessels by using a Digital Twin. The Twin provides shipowners and charterers with improved performance insights.

With its Digital Twin technology, We4Sea builds a digital sister vessel with all relevant technical characteristics of the real vessel. This data is enriched from other sources, such as data on speed, draught, weather conditions, wave heights, currents and wind.

To generate the best results and increase fleet sustainability, the monitoring solution will be rolled out across the entire Unifeeder group fleet.

Big data pool

The Digital Twin transforms this big data pool into actionable management information. The technology does not require onboard hardware installation and is therefore ideal for charterers, such as Unifeeder. The solution also supports transparency. Charterers can continuously monitor fuel consumption, carbon and sulphur emissions of their chartered vessels in real-time via an online dashboard.

‘Realtime monitoring and reporting is the first step in improving fuel-efficiency,’ adds Dan Veen, Co-founder and CEO of We4Sea. ‘Optimising fuel consumption of Unifeeder’s fleet based on the findings will not only have a direct impact on financial results, but also improves operational efficiency and CO2 and SOx reduction. We are looking forward to working with Unifeeder and getting results fast.’