The collective of superyacht builders and suppliers continues within NMT under the name Holland Yachting Group. NMT and Hiswa-Recron reached an agreement to take over the name as well as the slogan “Think Yachts, Think Holland”.

Both trade organisations wanted to maintain reputation and brand awareness that has been built up over the past fifty years. The coming months will be used to develop a renewed marketing strategy and programme for the coming years. In addition, the website and other means of communication will also be renewed. All this will be presented to all members and the international trade press in September.

The Holland Yachting Group has undergone enormous development over the past fifty years under the flag of Hiswa-Recron. The Dutch super yacht building industry is synonymous worldwide with quality, craftsmanship and innovative capacity. ‘I am proud of what we have achieved together with our members over all these years,’ says Geert Dijks, director of Hiswa-Recron.

Under the NMT flag, the Holland Yachting Group strives for the same quality. NMT has been promoting the Dutch maritime manufacturing industry abroad for many years through numerous trade missions and trade fair participations.

Roel de Graaf, director of NMT: ‘The reputation of the Holland Yachting Group will help us to do the same for Dutch super yacht building. We are satisfied with how the transition has now been completed constructively and the existing cooperation can be continued.’

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