Roll Group has ordered ABB’s Ability Marine Advisory System – OCTOPUS for its latest addition to the fleet, the BigRoll Biscay. The software is to optimise the module carrier’s route based on weather and forecasted vessel motions.

Vessel motion monitoring and forecasting is critical for heavy lift vessels that need to move safely when in transit. ABB’s software helps find the most optimal transit based on changes in weather and wave conditions, thereby increasing the safety and efficiency of ship operations.

‘Protecting cargo through motion monitoring and forecasting is key, considering the value of the heavy loads Roll Group takes care of,’ says Joep Janssens, Sr Project Engineer. ‘OCTOPUS provides advice that helps us avoid sea areas where excessive vessel motions are likely to occur, protecting our cargo from damage. While minimising the environmental forces, motion-based route optimisation also decreases fuel consumption and helps cut emissions as a result.’

The 146-metre long, 12,285 DWT module carrier, which allows project cargoes to be rolled or lifted on board, has joined the Roll Group fleet in early 2020. BigRoll Biscay will also access the ABB Ability Marine Fleet Portal, which allows shipowners to track vessels continuously and download data for further evaluation.

The BigRoll Biscay is the eighth vessel in Dutch heavy lift specialist’s fleet to use ABB marine software. According to ABB, ninety per cent of the semi-submersible heavy lift ships in operation currently uses ABB Ability Marine Advisory System – OCTOPUS.