The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is investigating a sexual offence that allegedly occurred on board HNLMS Karel Doorman last weekend. A naval officer has been reported to the police. There are multiple charges, including previous sexual misconduct.

This was confirmed by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

The supply and support ship has been in the Caribbean for corona assistance since early last month. Especially on Sint Maarten. According to sources on board, a male officer assaulted a sailor last weekend, who decided to report it. Two officers of the Marechaussee came on board and started an investigation and took statements. Their presence also prompted two other sailors to report the incident.

After the sexual offence on the Karel Doorman, all the soldiers involved remained on board and at work. According to the Royal Netherlands Navy, this was decided because the officer against whom the report was made was essential to the progress of the mission. On Wednesday he decided to leave after all.

Source: ANP

Picture by the Dutch Government.