A ship has sailed into a wind turbine near the German Wadden Island of Borkum. Three crew members were injured, one of whom is in bad shape, according to the German rescue brigade.

The vessel Njord Forseti (picture below), sailing under the British flag, collided with a wind turbine in the Borkum Riffgrund 1 offshore wind farm, about 45 kilometres from the island. A ship that was nearby immediately came to the rescue and the rescue brigade also sent a boat.

The seriously injured crew member was take to the University Medical Center Groningen by helicopter. Another wounded person was flown over to the hospital in Westerstede, Germany.

The bow of the Njord Forseti was torn open, causing the vessel to make water. The crew managed to close the leak. The ship sailed to a Dutch harbour under escort.

Source: ANP

Picture by Marcel van der Werf.